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Begin with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has numerous health benefits for infants including those that promote healthy weight in children. You can tip the scales for better health by spreading the 5210+! Numbers To Live By! message and promoting the healthy weight benefits of breastfeeding.  Below are resources to help:

CBC: California Breastfeeding Coalition
The CBC is a grassroots coalition of 43 community breastfeeding coalitions, as well as public and private partnerships that have broad reach within California's communities. Its mission is to improve the health and well-being of Californians by working collaboratively to protect, promote, and support breasfeeding.

​CDC: Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Pediatric Overweight?
This Research to Practice brief explores the relationship between breastfeeding and pediatric overweight and provides evidence-based interventions to promote breastfeeding.

HHS/women'shealth.gov: Breastfeeding Home
This HHS website has "how-to" resources as well as policy-related, latest news re: breastfeeding.

La Leche League International
The LLLI website is a notable resource for nursing mothers and has a vast collection of information re: all aspects of breastfeeding.

WIC of Watsonville or Santa Cruz
The WIC provides lactation support, nutrition education, health care referrals, and supplemental food support to eligible community members. For more information call: 

Watsonville Offices: (831)722-7121
Santa Cruz Offices: (831)426-3911