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The Doctors Medical Reserve Corps is forming under the sponsorship of Physicians for a Healthy Central Coast Foundation (PHCCF). PHCCF is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to serve as the philanthropic arm of the Monterey County and Santa Cruz County Medical Societies and serves the tri-County Central Coast Region of California, (Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties).


PHCCF, in partnership with the County Medical Societies is uniquely qualified to support a physician-focused, physician-led Medical Reserve Corps because of our missions and experience. The Santa Cruz County Medical Society is the founding sponsoring agency for the Santa Cruz County Medical Reserve Corps (SCCMRC) and was instrumental in providing the leadership and support to the SCCMRC from 2005-2017. Efforts to form local MRC’s in Monterey County and San Benito County have not materialized and while there is still an MRC in Santa Cruz County, few physicians participate. The COVID-19 pandemic and recent fires raging throughout the Central Coast region have demonstrated the tremendous void and need for increased engagement of physicians in emergency response throughout our region.


The Mission of the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps!

To ensure the health, safety, and resiliency of our communities by providing medical care during natural or man-made disasters and public health emergencies.

About the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps!

The Doctors Medical Reserve Corps will enlist and train Doctors to volunteer and support public health and emergency response systems within their communities and ensure doctors are ready to deploy to alternative care sites, evacuation shelters, and for surge capacity assistance to medical facilities when called upon.

Members of the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps will be provided the training required to work within the Incident Command structure of existing county emergency response systems to provide enhanced surge capacity, triage, and emergency health services in the event of public health emergencies and disasters such as pandemics, fires, earthquakes, or terrorist events.

The Doctors Medical Reserve Corps is part of a national network of volunteers, organized locally to help improve community health and safety. 


Who can join the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps?

You don’t need any prior disaster response experience or training to join the DMRC. 

Members of the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps may be a:
1) Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), or a recognized international equivalent
2) Retired Doctor with a current medical license, (see #1)

Associate Members of the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps include:
1) Resident and Medical Student (see #1)
2) Retired Doctor without a current medical license, (see #1)

Affiliate Members of the Doctors Medical Reserve Corps include:
1) Spouse or partner of Members
2) Physician Assistant (within a current member practice)
3) Physician Assistant in training (under the direction of a credentialed university program)

To join MRC DOCS, contact Donna Odryna, Executive Direcotor at (831) 479-7226 or

For emergency and disaster response training for deployment readiness, please contact the ARC and MRC directly.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross, Patsy Gasca, Disaster Service Manager for the Central Coast
(831) 462-2881, or

Medical Reserve Corps of Santa Cruz County

Medical Reserve Corps, Kathleen Conley, Emergency Preparedness Manager in Santa Cruz County
(831) 454-4438, or