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Hillary Clinton Delivers Keynote Speech at Western Health Care Leadership Academy

Hillary Clinton Delivers Keynote Speech at Western Health Care Leadership Academy

Clinton urges move away from fee-for-service model, commends state's implementation of Affordable Care Act.

By Maria Jennings

On April 12th, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed 700 physicians, practice managers, medical students and health care enthusiasts at the California Medical Association's Western Health Care Leadership Academy in San Diego. While Clinton was personally unable to attend, she addressed the conference via live satellite.

In her widely-anticipated keynote address, Clinton urged the health care industry to move away from the fee-for-service payment method, claiming that the current system "is not serving physicians well, or any health care providers, or patients well". She also encouraged the California Medical Association to work with other like-minded groups to help advance health care delivery and reform payment options.

Secretary Clinton also lauded California's implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), claiming that it should be used as a model for other states. "States like California, intent on covering more citizens and fostering bold experimentation to improve outcomes and reduce costs, will not only lead the way, but help everyone else find the way."

Clinton urged all stakeholders to work together to continue pushing for meaningful improvements in the health care system. She claimed that the data collected under the ACA will allow us to ask questions that will provide better insight into how we can move towards a more efficient and equitable health care system. 

"I think this is a great opportunity. Let's hear from physicians and nurses and pharmacists, you name it. Everyone come to the table. What do you think needs to be changed?"

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