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Physician Workforce Project

The Physician Workforce Project has been established to address the current and rapidly growing shortage of physicians in our county.  Our initial goal is to develop a framework and process to improve physician workforce planning to better align workforce capacity with community needs.

An adequate supply of physicians is needed to help ensure access to affordable, quality health care.  For the past 2 decades the number of graduates from the Nation’s medical schools has been relatively constant, following rapid growth in physician supply during the 1970's. The physician workforce is aging, average hours worked are falling compared to historical levels, and a large number of physicians are nearing retirement. After nearly 3 decades of growth, the physician-to-population ratio is leveling off and is expected to decline.


Since health care is an inherently local phenomenon, physician supply and demand needs to be understood in our local area context.  Therefore, long-term we seek to build a local area physician workforce planning model that emphasizes the needs of our local region.


If you are interested in participating this project, please contact Donna Odryna, CEO of the SCCMS at (831) 479-7226.