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UCSC Volunteer Opportunities

UCSC Students Request Physician Interaction

Two student groups from UCSC have requested to interact with local physicians in two very different ways.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

American Medical Student Association (AMSA) requests physician speakers each year in early October.  The meeting dates are in October, November, & early December. They are not picky as to what type of medicine the doctor practices, as they love to hear from all different kinds of doctors.  The students just want to hear about your experiences choosing a medical school, what medical school is like, internship & residency realities.  They especially appreciate some Q & A at the end, so it is definitely not a formal meeting.  It is just a space for students to ask questions about medicine and what it is like to be a doctor.  

Some clarification points:

  •  We provide parking permits.
  •  The rooms are reserved from 5pm-6:30 pm.
  •  Their meeting nights change each year.

If you wish to speak with the AMSA group, please contact the SCMMA office to be put on the list for the next invitation.  Email SCMMA.


Mathematical Engineering & Science Achievement is a program directed at low income students and students whose families traditionally have not attended college.   SCMMA sponsors a MESA program at Watsonville High School.

On a Saturday every March UCSC hosts a county-wide contest for all MESA students.  There are many competitions as well as learning opportunities.  SCMMA helps by sending physicians who teach students how to suture using pigs feet.  It is a tremendously rewarding day for all.  Interested in volunteering to work at the next MESA Day?  Contact the SCMMA office at 479-7226 to be put on the list.