One Unified Voice

The SCMMA & CMA represent the voices of
more than 43,000 physicians state-wide


Light Tower

As a member of SCMMA and the California Medical Association, you will be joining your colleagues in an effort to preserve, protect and enhance the practice of medicine in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. We are committed to providing our community with medical care of the highest quality. We encourage adherence to ethical medical practices, community involvement and public health.

Check out the many SCMMA & CMA benefits and discounts.  We trust that you will agree that membership has many benefits.

You may take advantage of opportunities to meet your medical society colleagues at the social events hosted by the Medical Association throughout the year. For instance, each year there are three Membership Dinner meetings and the incredible Physicians' Art and Music Show each September.

Feel free to call upon the Medical Association staff at (831) 479-7226, for assistance before applying, while your application is pending, and certainly anytime after you become an Active Member of SCMMA. Please fill out the online JOIN NOW application.  Members of the Santa Cruz Monterey Medical Association are required to be members of the California Medical Association and vice versa. If you have never been a CMA member, then your first year of membership includes a discount for both SCMMA and CMA. For previous members, reinstatement of membership merely requires payment of current dues with no back dues charges.

We look forward to working with you and for you throughout the coming years.

Email us for more information.