One Unified Voice

The SCMMA & CMA represent the voices of
more than 43,000 physicians state-wide

Member Benefits

By joining the Santa Cruz Monterey Medical Association (SCMMA), you’re joining a network of more than 40,000 physicians state-wide unified in support of the medical profession.  Members have access to a myriad of resources and services to promote the well-being of our physician members and improve the delivery of quality healthcare to your patients.

Member Benefits Include

  1. 24/7 Member Support
    The SCMMA is here for you when you need us.
  2. Local and Legislative Advocacy
    Through the larger network of the California Medical Association (CMA), the SCMMA represents the interests of organized medicine to policy-makers in Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, and at the state legislature.
  3. Updates to the latest news affecting the delivery of care
    Stay informed through the SCMMA Physician magazine, email newsletters, and alerts.
  4. Access to Preferred Partners
    The SCMMA partners with businesses partners that assist in driving our mission and give our members the tools they need to succeed. 
  5. Legal Services
    Access to legal support staff and more than 5,000 pages of information in CMA’s On-Call Online Health Library.
  1. Billing Assistance
    Receive expert help with physician reimbursement and medical billing issues.
  2. Practice Resources
    Access resources to maintain an efficient medical practice.
  3. Education Resources
    Attend in-person seminars, or view on-demand webinars for CME credit.
  4. Leadership Opportunities
    The SCMMA encourages the professional growth of our members by offering opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors, committees, SCMMA’s delegation to the CMA House of Delegates, and other leadership positions.
  5. Networking and Educational Events
    Make connections with local peers at SCMMA hosted educational and social events throughout the year.

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Membership FAQs

Who Is Eligible to be a Member?

Membership in the SCMMA is open to Physicians who live and/or work within Santa Cruz County and Monterey County, who possess an un-revoked and unsuspended U.S. doctor of medicine (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) certificate, or a recognized international equivalent; and resident physicians who are attending an accredited residency or fellowship in the Monterey County and Santa Cruz County region.

What Are the Different Membership Categories?
  • Regular Active (Practicing Physician): Physicians possess an un-revoked and unsuspended U.S. doctor of medicine (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) certificate, or a recognized international equivalent and reside and/or work in San Mateo County.
  • Government Employed Physician: San Mateo County-employed physicians
  • Part-time Active Physician: Physicians ages 65 or older who practice under 20 hours per week
  • Retired Physician: Regular Active Physicians Members of any age who are fully retired from the practice of medicine (Regular Active membership must be held for 1 full year prior to be eligible for this status)
  • Resident Physician: Resident, intern or fellow physician enrolled in accredited medical training, intern or fellowship programs in San Mateo County
Can I be a member of SCMMA but not CMA?

Membership in the CMA is mandatory to be a member of the SCMMA. We believe the key to our organization’s strength is its excellent collaborative relationships with CMA and other county chapters. Furthermore, the dual membership helps support state and local activities as well as providing you with additional member benefits.

What Are My Payment Options?

SCMMA accepts payment by check, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. You can remit a lump-sum payment, or set up a monthly installment plan with a credit card. To sign up for the monthly installment plan, contact SCMMA at (831) 479-7226.

Are My Dues Tax-Deductible?

SCMMA and CMA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deductible as a business expense. To find out the percentage of your current year's dues that cannot be deducted as a business expense for federal income tax purposes (typically around 33%), please see your invoice or contact SCMMA at (831) 479-7226. Please consult with your CPA or Tax Consultant for additional questions.