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Physician's Membership Directory

We've Gone Green!

After decades of publishing a printed directory that negatively impacts our environment and is out-of-date before publication, the Santa Cruz Monterey Medical Association has moved to an online member physician directory.  We're excited to continue to provide a more sustainable and a source for patients to access physician members.

Reaching physicians on the Central Coast just got easier and more cost effective?

A directory of physicians will continue to be an invaluable physician and medical community information resource. Accessed from the Get Help menu under Find a Physician, the directory includes nearly 500 member physicians practicing in Monterey County and Santa Cruz County. It's never been easier for the community find a new physician.


There is no better way to promote your business to Central Coast physicians and medical practices than with targeted advertising to our members. Interested? Contact us at 831-479-7226 for immediate assistance. Advertising can bring your message home!

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