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Excellence in Health Care Award

Dr. Lawrence Spingola, General Surgery

Each year the Medical Society presents the Excellence in Health Care Award to one physician member member.  The award is presented annually at the Excellence In Health Care Award Gala, presented jointly with the CruzMed Foundation.

Nominations are accepted by the Board of Governors (BOG) year-round.  Any active member may submit a nomination, in writing, stating the reasons for their nomination.  A selection committee reviews nominee's and makes the often difficult selection.  To make a nomination, Download the nomination form here.

Qualities that exemplify the highest standards of the medical profession will be used to judge the possible recipients. Nominee's must be a member in good standing with the Medical Society and CMA.  Other key factors include:

  • excellence of clinical knowledge
  • compassion in rendering care
  • commitment to community service
  • continuous leadership achievements in the improvement of the health care delivery system.

Excellence in Health Care Award Recipients

Richard M. Shapiro, M.D.

2005 - Richard M. Shapiro, M.D.

We will miss you
You loved your family
You loved the practice of medicine
Your passion for
Excellence and love of life inspired us all.

Fred B. Tomlinson, M.D.

2006 - Fred B. Tomlinson, M.D.

Your unwavering professional principles and choices are admired. Your balance of trauma, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is exemplary. Your service to our community and the world at large is commended.

Joseph T. Anzalone, M.D.

2007 - Joseph T. Anzalone, M.D.

Your unwavering professional principles and choices are admired. Your balance of trauma, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is exemplary. Your service to our community and the world at large is commended.

John R. Gillette, M.D.

2008 - John R. Gillette, M.D.

Santa Cruz's tireless geriatric psychiatry expert, John visited patients in their homes, his office, hospitals, and nursing homes. He volunteered for Jail Peer Review and spoke to senior groups gratis, while filling critical community needs.

Thomas Deetz, M.D.

2009 - Thomas Deetz, M.D.

Thank you for three decades of community service in the face of contagion and especially for your up-to-date clinical knowledge and compassionate care during the AIDS epidemic.

David L. Kipps, M.D.

2010 - David L. Kipps, M.D.

A true physicians’ doctor; our patients and community are better for having your meticulous clinical expertise, quiet compassion, subtle humor, and gentle, persistent dedication to excellence.

S. Allan Dorosin, M.D.

2011 - S. Allan Dorosin, M.D.

In gratitude for over four decades of extraordinary service to the patients of Santa Cruz County and for your selfless commitment to our community and to the improvement of medical care throughout the Monterey Bay Area, we honor the profound impact of your dedication and scholarship to our profession and to the practice of medicine.”

Michael Alexander, M.D.

2012 - Michael Alexander, M.D.

For the 36 years of compassionate service you have given to your patients and for the support and education that you have unselfishly provided to physicians in the Santa Cruz community through your commitment to evidence-based care. We express our deepest gratitude!

John Anane-Sefah, MD

2013 - John Anane-Sefah, M.D.

In recognition of 36 years of surgical distinction and attention to the people of Santa Cruz County and for your continuing leadership to the medical community, including your service as President of the SCC Medical Society in 1996-1997 and for your selfless charitable and humanitarian works abroad.

Martina Nicholson, MD

2014-15 - Martina Nicholson, MD

In recognition of more than 3 decades of service to patients and their families of Santa Cruz County. For your unselfish support to the medical community, Medical Society, and CMA through your work as a CMA Delegate, President of the SCCMS from 2002-2003, and ongoing Chair of the Physician Well-Being Committee.

S. Allan Dorosin, M.D.

2016-17 - David M. Rose, M.D.

In recognition of a lifetime of service to medicine and our community. You are looked upon as a role model, mentor, and outstanding leader by your colleagues. Your tireless efforts and steadfast commitment to excellent patient care are matched only by your compassion, surgical practice, and dedication to the profession.

Michael Alexander, M.D.

2018 - Satish Chandra, M.D.

In recognition of a lifetime of leadership and serivce to medicine, your colleagues, and our community. For your countless contributions to RotaCare Santa Cruz Free Clinic and inspiring dedication to provide excellent patient care for all in need.