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PHYSICIANS: Support the "No On 46" Campaign to Preserve MICRA

 PHYSICIANS: Support the "No On 46" Campaign to Preserve MICRA

Myriad health providers, education groups, business organizations, labor unions, workers, and community clinics have announced their opposition to Proposition 46.

By Sergio Klor de Alva

The passage of Proposition 46 would have disastrous consequences for the state of health care in California. Health costs would increase, access to care would be reduced, and patient privacy would be jeopardized, while lawyers initiate lawsuits that would make it even more difficult for medical practices to stay afoot. According to CMA spokesperson Molly Weedon, it is estimated that the passage of this initiative would cost an average family of four over $1,000 per year.

Proposition 46 also includes a number of unrelated provisions that were likely added with the intention of being "sweeteners" to entice voters into supporting the measure. These provisions include drug testing for physicians and the mandatory use of the government-run CURES database, which third-party analysts believe cannot be properly implemented as currently written and will leave patient information vulnerable to breaches in privacy.

California's independent Legislative Analyst believes that the measures could increase state and local government health costs by "hundreds of millions of dollars annually," thus severely impacting the access and affordability of medical care in the state.

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