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SB 1000 Stalls in Committee

SB 1000 Stalls in Committee

The bill would have required a warning label on all sugary beverages sold in California.

By Maria Jennings

SB 1000 (Monning-D, Carmel), the bill that would have required sugary beverages to carry a health warning, failed to pass out of the Assembly Health committee.

The bill, which was co-sponsored by the California Medical Association, would have warned consumers of the negative health effects of drinking sweetened beverages. The label, which was developed by a national team of nutrition and public health experts, would have read: STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributed to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.   

Despite public support and testimony t from public health organizations, health care providers, and non-profit organizations, the bill has strong opposition from the beverage industry and affiliated business interests. Some members of the Health committee questioned the effectiveness of warning labels, as well as the specific language used in the warning.

The bill successfully passed out of the Senate earlier this month, but only received seven out of the necessary ten votes needed to pass the Health committee.

While the failure of the bill is a setback for public health advocates, its introduction and consideration was groundbreaking. It was the first bill of its type to be proposed in the nation, and received national, and even international, media coverage. 

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